Consent Template & Consent_DLT Updation

As per the provisions of TRAI’s TCCCPR 2018, all Principal Entities are required to declare and register the consents of their customers on the DLT portal of Telecom Service Provider (TSP).

In this regard, we wish to intimate that the bulk consent module on DLT portal of TSP’s is now live and we advise all PE’s to take the following actions on an immediate basis:

Consent Template Registration:
        i.            PEs to register their consent templates in the format enclosed.
       ii.            All the consent templates already registered on the portal till date will be considered null & void , if  they do not confirm to the required format.

       iii.           Register the consent templates on the DLT System before 15th July 2021. Customers Consent data can be uploaded in the TSPs system from 15th July onwards.

      iv.           Kindly note that the customer consent data can only be uploaded against a duly approved consent template(s).   

       v.           Ensure that the consent data is  veracious, valid and acquired as per the due process.
      vi.           In the absence of the customer consent in the TSPs system the PE shall not be able to send consent based promotional/service explicit messages to their subscribers/customers. 

Current Guidelines for consent Template:
         All the PEs are required to align their consent templates as per the following Guidelines:
-          Registration of the consent template is a pre-requisite for uploading the consents;
-          The Consent Template should not contain any variables;
-          Brand/PE/Trade/Legal Name must be captured clearly in the template;
-          The purpose of the consent must also be mentioned explicitly in the templates.
The sample Consent Template/s are enclosed for your ready reference.
[Brand Name]: Dear Customer, thanks for visiting The Design Studio in Andheri (W) today. We would love to stay in touch with you about our new launches and promotions. To continue receiving exciting offers from us on call/SMS, please submit your consent.

Dear Mr. XYZXYZ, we are pleased on your sign up with [Brand Name] today. To receive exciting promotions and offers on SMS/call, please submit your consent.

[Brand Name] : Dear Mr. ABCABC, thank you for submitting your property-related requirement on our website today. We will keep you informed on new listings suited to you. Please give your consent for receiving these listings through call/SMS.

Kindly note that the consent templates not aligned with the above guidelines will not be allowed by the TSPs.
Additional security for the consent information:
The consent data being critical to business, it is imperative that the same is duly protected and secured. However, it has been observed that the consent information whether  knowingly or unknowingly and/or directly/indirectly  is made available to  the third party and hence the same is prone to being compromised or misused. In view of the same, we have introduced an additional security feature. The PE’s have the option to secure this information by uploading it from their trusted IP sources and hence we have enabled a IP white listing feature.

Therefore, PE’s have an opportunity of availing this IP whitelisting functionality as a measure towards securing its consent data. We therefore, urge and recommend that PE’s should avail this functionality and share its owned IP details (not third party) on the DLT portal of a TSP which shall be whitelisted for uploading the consents.

The links for uploading the consents and providing the IP details will be operational shortly and separate communication will sent regarding same .

Your support and cooperation are highly appreciated. Please feel free to get in touch with us for any further queries.
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