Headers assigned by the Access Providers to Principal Entities

(Business, legal or Government Entities)

Telecom Commercial Communications Customer Preference Regulations (TCCCPR) 2018 (https://trai.gov.in/sites/default/files/RegulationUcc19072018.pdf) provides for assigning alpha-numeric headers to Principal Entities (Business or legal entities) for the purpose of sending Commercial Communications via Short Message Service (SMS). These headers are assigned by a TSP to the Principal Entity to identify itself while sending messages to the subscribers. Currently these headers are also prefixed by two alpha characters separated by a hyphen from the header and it is used to identify originating access providers (OAP). Currently fixed length of six alphanumeric characters are being used to assign headers and total nine characters including prefixes and separator are being used. However, regulations permit length to go upto 11. Headers are also known as Sender ID. Typical format and structure of the header with prefixes is as below:


X denotes TSP (OAP)
Y denotes License Service Area (LSA of OAP)
ABCDEF is a header assigned to the Principal Entity

Source by : About (trai.gov.in)

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