Promotional Message Content Type

As a part of DLT registration, the message content that you want to send to your customers must now be registered on the DLT portals.

Promotional SMSes refers to the messages sent to you, knowing you are not a customer (not registered for the company’s/entity’s services) intended to promote that company’s services or products. These messages will be sent only after consent and preference scrubbing is done for your number. If you have not provided consent, then the messages will not be sent to you.

Consent overrides preferences.

The message content must contain the Brand name of the registered principal entity within the message body.

Examples for templates:

Actual message

Required template format

Pay JUST Rs 640* pm & get Rs 83,333 for 120 months or payout of Rs 1,00,00,000 With LIC*(Life Insurance Cover) For Your Family.

Pay JUST Rs {#var#} pm & get Rs {#var#} for {#var#} months or payout of Rs

{#var#} With LIC (Life Insurance Cover) For Your Family. {#var#}

YOU can win Rs 20,000 in Fantasy cricket use code 542321. Install Qureka Pro app now to WIN Click -

YOU can win Rs {#var#} in Fantasy cricket use code {#var#}. Install Qureka Pro app now to WIN Click - {#var#}

When registering your content template, there are a few "best practices" and good to know information to keep in mind:

  • 2 or more spaces are not supposed to use between 2 words, before word or afterword.
  • All special characters (found on the keyboard) are allowed, except < and > symbols.
  • The variable format is {#var#} which is case sensitive.
  • Or variable can be inserted by clicking the radio button (insert variable) above text box
  • Trans/Service category messages should have variables mandatorily.
  • Promo category can have complete fixed content or with variable part
  • There is no limitation in no. of variables per message.
  • Values like amount, date, a/c no, merchant names, OTP, codes, URL, customer names, card type, etc. need to be replaced with variables.
  • In case trying to upload same template, portal would show an error as "Template Message already registered (Template Name - ****)"
  • A single SMS has a character limit of 160 characters. If your message exceeds the limit, an alert is shown on the screen allowing you to continue typing the message beyond the character limit. This message will count for 2 or more SMS
  • Each variable can consist of up to 30 characters.

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