Why SMS Marketing is a Great Tool to Grow Revenue

SMS marketing has been part of marketing practice for a very long time. There are some amazing numbers that can pique your interest in SMS marketing. A normal person checks its phone 85 times per day on average. If we look at the SMS opening rate then it is an impressive number of about 82.1%.

80% of the millennials claim that they check their phones as they wake up. We can say that there are very few chances if a person is aways from his/ her phone. Also, SMS are opened most in comparison to the emails. This open rate has a difference of 24% than email.

There are some advantages that SMS marketing possess that other marketing practices don’t have. Let’s have a look at all these advantages first.

Engagement is Far More than Instagram:

If you look at the emails, we all know as users that we leave emails unread for days. Even sometimes we make calls go unanswered if you are not interested. But when it comes to SMS, 90% of SMS gets opened within 3 minutes they are received.

So you can say that SMS has more visibility than its cousins like email, PPC, organic or social. But one thing to remember here is that you have to take written permission from users in order to send them SMS.

Permission can be taken when they sign up to the website, apply for a newsletter or you can directly ask them via SMS. But remember that it’s neither legal or ethical to send unprompted messages to anyone without permission.

Analyzing Data is Essential In Marketing:

There are different SMS campaign tools that allow you to manage all the SMS you are sending to your customers. These tools or platforms are all available to your phone, tablet or desktop for 24*7 access.

These give you data like one who opened your message, who ignored it, how many you have sent and others. These SMS Marketing Tools gives you deep learning about your customers and their behaviour towards your employees.

Interact with Your Customers via SMS:

SMS can be preferred as a minimalist way to interact with your customers. You can send them links to interact with or get a quick reply from them like YES or NO or Y or N.

Try to keep your message short and sweet and to the point. If your message is between 25 to 35 words then it is good. If you are exceeding this, people might ignore your messages as they don’t want to do anything lengthy.

Fastest Delivery Out There:

If you are looking for some quick result you can always rely on SMS service. As it does not depend on the internet like other services. Once you click ‘Send’ here on your tool, the recipient will get it in an instant.

No delay, to wait for getting the response as 90% SMS gets opened within 3 minutes. So people who are interested in your service will respond to you as soon as possible.

Personalization of the Message:

When you give your message a personal touch, a customer feels more attracted to your service. You can not achieve the same with formal messages. Including words like friends, buddy, you, I, are some of the best personalization practice you can do in order to attract more customers.

How to Attract More Customer with The Right SMS Marketing Tactics:

  • You can send exclusive deals and coupons to your customers.
  • Offers them personalized deals based on how long they have been with you.
  • Take a poll with your customers to improve your operation flow.
  • You can run contests to keep your customers engaged with your services.
  • Try to link video or images if you want to make SMS more attractive.

Help from SMS Marketing Automation Tools:

There are several automation tools that will help you in sending a big number of messages to your customers. If you are preferring to manually do this then you will be investing a lot of time into this that you could have saved with tools. So look for tools online.

Take their free trials to test the results and the workflow. Take your time before setting up the campaign.


Over the past years, SMS marketing is evolving. It may look spammy but that is only when you are sending too many messages to the wrong audience. Your first focus must be to find your right audience and make them opt-in to your campaign.

After that just start targeting them with the right strategies. Try to go with offers first to make a big list of subscribers to your services.

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