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International Long Distance Operator SMS is referred to as ILDO SMS. It describes the procedure for delivering SMS messages across the global long-distance carrier network between several nations.

Bulk SMS from an international long-distance provider (ILDO)?

Companies that are not allowed to register as local firms in India are considered foreign companies and can use the ILDO service to deliver communications into India. With the premium service ILDO, you may start transmitting much faster because it doesn't require program registration. This service avoids the DND scrubbing.

An international long-distance service provider or operator who has been authorized to operate as such is known as an ILDO. An ILDO bulk SMS service provider, SMSGATEWAYHUB facilitates instantaneous, lag-free communication between a company and its audience, regardless of geography. can take use of SMS GATEWAY HUB ILDO bulk SMS service.

The Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) registration ID is necessary before sending any bulk SMS to numerous recipients, according to TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India). However, DLT registration is not necessary while sending bulk SMS via the ILDO channel. On the other hand, a corporation must register through an easy, step-by-step process before receiving a unique alphabetic sender ID. This ID may then be used by the client to send bulk SMS via international long distance operator routes anywhere in the world. Senders who are not eligible for this registration process can nevertheless use International Long-Distance Operator (ILDO) routes to reach their intended recipients.Your message is delivered using a random numeric identifier when you utilize ILDO routes to send a message and either fail to supply a sender ID or try to use a sender ID that is not completely registered. If you need a fixed identity, you can also buy a specific short code to send messages to Indian phone numbers using the ILDO route. Last but not least, bulk message charges apply to messages sent over ILDO routes.

Terms and Conditions for Using the ILDO Route to Send Bulk SMS in INDIA

  • A shortcode will be used to replace each sender ID.
  • These bindings should be used to send OTT traffic.
  • General Content Restrictions: Sending more than six identical messages in a single hour to the same recipient from the same sender is not permitted.

Shares and stocks connected Transferring transactional messages is prohibited. You must obtain certification from stockbrokers and/or businesses registered with the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) in order to use transactional routes for any activity related to the stock market and SEBI.

The certification must follow the guidelines below:
1. Certification must be written on the entity’s company letterhead.
2. The entity should be registered with SEBI.
3. The entity should mention the command line interfaces (CLIs) to be used by them and the nature of the messages/content to be used.
4. Purchase order validity.

  • Opt-in messages are not allowed to send via ILDO route of SMS transfer.
  • Document approval is needed to send opt-in message to the end-user.
  • Web opt-ins are not accepted as approved opt-ins.
  • Any invitations related to social media/websites/OTTs need to have their content confirmed and whitelisted prior to being sent via transactional accounts, and violating this can result in heavy fines.
  • Prior content registration is needed.
  • There are no regulations for sender’s ID.
  • Sender ids will be overwritten for local promotional and ILDO traffic.
  • Whitelisting of 6-character length sender ids is require to send over the transactional route.

How ILDO (International Long-Distance operator) bulk SMSs are useful for an organization?

SMSGATEWAYHUB ILDO Bulk SMS service offers an efficient platform to expand business internationally of an organization that allows strategical planning of their communications to ease the sending of reminders, alerts and updates. Besides this, it carries numerous benefits that have been mentioned below.

  • Targets large audience internationally.
  • Easy deliverability.
  • Readability is high in comparison of E-mails.
  • Cheapest international mass texting service.
  • Instant mass texting service internationally.
  • Easy registration process.
  • No compulsion of DLT registration.
  • Easy retargeting to people who responded to your bulk SMS campaign.
  • Registration failure cannot halt the process of SMS delivery.
  • Ensure transparency.

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