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How to get a toll-free number in India

A 1800 prefix phone number is used by Indian businesses as a toll-free number. Callers are not charged for using this number to reach businesses. Instead of the caller, the firm bears the full cost of all incoming and outgoing call rates.

Toll-Free Number 1800

Get a toll-free number to use from SMSGATEWAYHUB or another toll-free service provider. To ensure that your customers will remember your number for a very long time, choose an easy-to-remember number.

Personalize the call flow on the dashboard of SMSGATEWAYHUB.

To guarantee a flawless client experience, implement call routing rules and personalize the call flow. Establish office hours, add a voicemail option, create an IVR greeting, etc.

Publish 1800 number and begin receiving calls.

After the call routing rules are established, you can post the number on your website and promotional materials. Following this, your clients can begin contacting you at no cost to them; that is, you will pay the call fees rather than them.

Benefits of using toll free numbers

Better brand identity- Customers will find it simple to remember and connect your brand with a toll-free phone number. Additionally, your brand will be seen as compassionate and client-focused if it offers round-the-clock customer service via a toll-free hotline.

Improved client satisfaction- Customers can call you for free at 1800 business toll free. Additionally, a clever IVR can help you enhance the client experience. They are more likely to stick with your company in the long run if you do this.

Increased Sales: Toll-free phone numbers in billboard and television adverts typically draw more attention. Your sales staff can talk to more prospects because calling a toll-free number is free for them, which means that more customers will come into your firm.

Improved Capabilities for Cloud Communication- Along with superior call monitoring capabilities, agent productivity tracking, call recording services, the ability to make and receive an infinite number of concurrent calls on a single number, and more, our business toll-free number service also includes our Cloud Telephony suite.

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