Price Change in bulk sms 2023

Bulk SMS service costs have increased by 30-40% as a result of telecom operators' implementation of an enterprise messaging pricing hike.

This price increase coincides with an exponential expansion in commercial SMS traffic,  particularly in nations like India where the volume of text messages sent has increased significantly to over 40 billion messages per month.
It is an important factor to take into account for companies who use bulk SMS marketing to interact with their clientele.

This article explores potential mitigation methods, how businesses across multiple industries might be affected by this price increase, and how to handle it while maintaining strong connections with stakeholders and customers. It goes into great detail about what is changing and  how this price increase might effect them.

What Is Changing?

Telecom operators are increasing the cost of enterprise messaging services, according to confirmation from industry officials.
This implies that companies of all sizes will now have to pay an additional 30–40% for each SMS text message they send to clients, associates, and staff members.

In the past, certain operators were permitted to charge differentially based on the messages that were delivered. But from now on, the fees will be determined by the messages that users post on the sites.

SMS price change Vodafone notice

We look forward to a positive consideration and a long-term association with you.


  • Price change will be effective for all new, and old users.
  • No refund will be provided for the old balance.
  • Above prices include DLT charges and exclude GST charges.

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