Why BULK SMS Is Still An Effective Channel In 2024

Despite the growing popularity of in-app notifications and conversational messaging channels, SMS remains an essential component of an omnichannel strategy due to its unparalleled reach, dependability, and efficiency. SMS remains the most effective means of connecting with clients and potential clients, with over 18.5 billion messages delivered daily globally (with one billion of those messages coming from India).

We'll go over the various factors that make SMS a successful channel in this blog article, along with some advice on how to craft SMS copy that will increase revenue and encourage conversions.

Why is SMS still effective?

Over the course of its more than 21-year existence, some critics of SMS have claimed that it will soon become obsolete due to the emergence of other data-based messaging applications. Here are some reasons why, despite the availability of other messaging options, SMS is still useful and an efficient communication method.

SMS is widely used: Text messaging is integrated into all mobile phones, including entry-level models, which makes it simpler for companies to contact customers in remote locations.

Fast delivery: Regardless of internet connectivity, your message will reach your customers as soon as it is sent.

Common communication channel: Almost everyone with a cell phone is aware of what a text message is, how to read it, reply to it, and open it.

Increased phone usage: Indians check their phones more than 120 times a day and use them for almost 5 hours each day.

High response and open rates: SMS is the best way to send urgent or time-sensitive information because 98% of texts are opened within five seconds of being sent.

Bonus advice: Monitor your SMS marketing activities.

Producing compelling copy is insufficient. Examine important metrics on a regular basis to test, monitor, adjust, and improve your SMS content so that your campaigns perform better. Use SMSGATEWAYHUB click reports to determine the best CTA, the best time to deliver messages to guarantee high open rates, and additional information such as the click's timing and device specs (browser, resolution, and OS).

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